Reading package dictionary & weaving jmd files

I am new in Julia and I decided to use VS code as my IDE for Julia. I tried to follow youtube video JuliaCon 2018 | Visual Studio Code Julia extension | David Anthoff - YouTube to learn about Julia extension for VS code, but unfortunately, I am not able to follow 2 things.
I will be very glad, if someone is capable to help me.

I tried to use the command: “Julia: Open Package Directory in New Window” but after calling it, I received “Error: Could not read package directory.”

I tried to view a simple Markdown file

# Intro
Hello world!

but after calling “Julia Weave: Open Preview to the Side”,
in julia Weave output is
Weaving preview of C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\julia-vscode-weave12023-7136-185xbw8.rlp2\source-file.jmd
And then I receive “Error during weaving.”

I would like to ask you to help me overcome my issues. Thank you.

That means that you don’t have a .julia/dev folder, where the extension would be looking for folders to open.

I assume you have Weave.jl installed, right?


Thank you David very much.
Your response helps me with both of my issues.

I have not heard about .julia/dev folder until then and I meant that openPackageDirectory command opens .julia/packages directory… But true, it seem to be very reasonable to have a modifiable version of packages.

And you scored a hit with your actually not right assumption.

Thanks a lot once again!

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