Reading in non-consecutive columns using XLSX.gettable?


Is there a way to read in a selection of non-consecutive columns of Excel data using XLSX.gettable? I’ve read the documentation here Tutorial-XLSX.jl , but it’s not clear whether it’s possible to do this. For example,

df = DataFrame(XLSX.gettable(sheet,"A:B")...)

selects the data in columns “A” and “B” of a worksheet called sheet. But what if I want columns A and C, or B,E and F, for example? I tried

df = DataFrame(XLSX.gettable(sheet,["A","C"])...)

and similar variations of this, but it throws the following error: MethodError: no method matching gettable(::XLSX.Worksheet, ::Array{String,1}).

Is there a way to make this work with gettable, or is there a similar function which can accomplish this?

Please make sure that you link to other places if cross-posting questions - I’ve given an answer on StackOverflow here.