Reading ENVI style multispectral images with archGDAL

I have several multispectral images with separate ENVI style header text files and I would like to load them with archGDAL.jl. I looked at the documentation of but I could not find how to do it. Maybe archGDAL.jl is not the right library for this?

It should be. I don’t know this particular file format but according to ENVI – ENVI .hdr Labelled Raster — GDAL documentation it is supported in GDAL by default. What happens if you just"path/to/file")?

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Yes, that works."path/to/file") infers the header filename by appending .hdr to file. Thanks!

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You might be interested in using the ArchGDAL.readraster function to open the ENVI stack to open the data as a lazy loaded diskarray.

Probably it will just work in Rasters.jl too, and lazy load by default.

using Rasters
rast = Raster(file_path)