Error while reading and writing raster dataset using ArchGDAL

I am new to the Julia. I am using ArchGDAL to open and write raster data, but I keep getting this error.
GDALError (CE_Failure, code 1): GDALOpen() called on “/path/to/file” recursively

Is anyone familiar with this error?
Thank you in advance.

strange :thinking:

imho: check the github issues

and please give more information:

  • operation system ( win, linux, osx, …)
  • julia version
  • ArchGDAL version
    • st ArchGDAL
      • ArchGDAL v0.9.1 ?

And if you have a minimal example code to reproduce the error … it will be helpful!

in the ideal case - you will find a similar test code - you can adapt

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I reinstalled GDAL and it worked.
Thank you

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