Reading archives JLD2

Dear all,
I have the matrix Xa_heuristico_1_MP30.jld2 saved in a JLD2 format. When I run:
Xa1_heuristico_MP30 = FileIO.load("Xa_heuristico_1_MP30.jld2","RH")
appears the folowing:

How can I acess the element 1,2,3 of matrix Xa1_heuristico_MP30?
Anyone can help me please?

It seems the JLD2 file is not loaded correctly.
By using FileIO.load("Xa_heuristico_1_MP30.jld2"), you should get a dictionary, and you can find the key corresponding to the matrix you want.
You pass “RH” as the second argument, which means you load the element in the JLD2 file linked to :RH, which is not a matrix.
BTW, please do not use screenshot, but copy the message;-)