RE: GSoC - Interactivity and visualization tools

Not sure where else to add a comment:

I would like to add another interesting Python-based reference tool to the mix:


It appears to include facilities enabling people to easily add fancy interactivity to their plots.

You can install guiqwt on an ubuntu system:

sudo apt-get install python-guiqwt

You can then try out sample tests by running guiqwt-tests.

For example:

  • Provides x & y cross-section markers that, when dragged over a MRI/CT-scan image, displays the 1D signal of that cross-section.
  • Provides a means to select a region (displayed as a transparent red section) that tabulates various signal statistics.
  • Uses the bounds “tool” to select the region over which to fit noisy data with an ideal signal model.
  • Provides a widget that allows you to select curves more easily (maybe the legend itself could be implemented as a widget).
  • …See other examples for more…

A few visual examples…

I would also like to see user-draggable “delta markers” being used in future visualization tools as well. Maybe something similar to what is implemented in the master branch of InspectDR.jl: