R in Julia, what is the best package?

What is the best way to introduce the R language in Julia?
I looked for some alternatives and found a package called RCall.jl
Are there any other options (maybe better) than this package?

RCall.jl is pretty great. Is there any specific functionality you are looking for?


Nothing too special. I have one project done in R and I would like to play with the iteraction between Julia and R. I love R and I am loving working on Julia, so I would like to get the best of both languages.

However, it may be that I come across a package that R uses and that is not so easy to adapt to Julia, due to my little experience with Julia. Just to cite a quick example: rgenoud: R-GENetic Optimization Using Derivatives.

I think that’s your only option


See this and this for a nice overview.

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