In search for a Julia analog of an R's package

My question is motivated by the need for a quick Deming regression computation.
In R, it is included in the mcr, Method Comparison Regression, package. Alas, my search for a Julia’s alternative wasn’t successful, despite Julia’s excellent statistics ecosystem.

I guess there is no real demand for it in the community. By what do you people do when you find yourself in need for something that exists in an R? Is using RCall, instead of porting a package, the preferred approach?

Yes, I would say that’s right, at least for one-off usages. I’d say the hierarchy is:

  1. Just use RCall to call R
  2. Write a package which depends on RCall to wrap the R library, exposing a Julia API
  3. Write a pure-Julia port of the R functionality

Sometimes 2 and 3 can go hand-in-hand, i.e. you could start with 2 and gradually replace some functionality with pure-Julia ports.


I did this a few years ago:

I used RCall for functions that didn’t exist in Julia, then gradually replaced them with native code.


Thanks for the confirmation!

More general than Deming regression: Package for implementing regression with spatial correlation - #2 by Mattriks