Quiet Pkg Installation/Precompilation

Is there a way to quietly install packages through Pkg? Normally, this is not an issue on my own computer, but the output that I get setting up an environment in Google Colab is a lot, so much that not all of it can be stored in the notebook, and is the same every time I restart the notebook.


You should be able to set io=devnull in the main Pkg functions to suppress output

julia> import Pkg

julia> Pkg.add("Foo”, io=devnull)

This works for hiding most of the output, but I’m still seeing the downloading of artifacts

 Downloading artifact: Libglvnd
  Downloaded artifact: Libglvnd
 Downloading artifact: LAME
  Downloaded artifact: LAME
 Downloading artifact: Xorg_libxkbfile
  Downloaded artifact: Xorg_libxkbfile

Plots on a fresh Julia installation has upwards of 50 of these

Any printing should be a bug, so an issue to Pkg.jl would be worth doing


Is there a way to output only errors( if they appear) during package installation instead of just dumping everything to devenull?