Can Pkg.activate("myPackage") be silent?

Hello All

I have a silly little problem I can’t figure out. For internal reasons, I need to load my packages from a custom path with Pkg.activate("~/myPackage"). The thing is, we run it on the command line (here Julia 1.9 and PrecompileTools have been a life saver) but what is bugging us is the message it prints out. When we run
julia -e 'using Pkg;Pkg.activate("~/myPackage/"); using myPackage;RunMyCode()
it prints out
Activating project at ~/myPackage/myPackage`
is there any way to surpress this message, or do the same in a way that runs the code silently?

I know this is silly, but it bothers people here.

Thanks, Jack


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@nilshg Wow, yes, works perfectly. (I should have found that by googling, sorry)

Thanks, js

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Most Pkg functions take an io keyword argument that allows redirecting their output (or suppressing it by redirecting to devnull):

$ julia -e 'import Pkg; Pkg.activate("/tmp", io=devnull); println("Hello!")'

I think it’s unfortunate that Pkg API calls give these outputs; it should be enough to do that in pkg mode and with pkg-strings. In this particular case there’s an easy workaround though, use the --project flag:

julia --project=~/myPackage -e 'using myPackage;RunMyCode()'
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I dont know how I missed that but is very logical. Thanks @ffevotte.

best, jd

Thanks @GunnarFarneback, another good solution, now for the command line. And since almost all my code is run this way, very nice. As to your general point, I agree.