Question about VS code extension crash

when I run println(“Hello world”), it works. However, when I want to plot something or run 1+1, it shows there is a code entension crash.

I can run this on Jupyter, and can’t do it on VS code. Does anyone know why?



I don’t think anything is actually crashing here, it’s just misleading printing.

I’d recommend the Julia: Execute File command to run your code instead of the run button for now.


I started using VS Code about a week ago. When I try to debug my code (F5), I am getting a crash with the message:

Warning: Some Julia code in the VS Code extension crashed with
│ e = Endpoint is not running, the current state is closed.
└ @ VSCodeDebugger ~/.vscode/extensions/julialang.language-julia-1.0.7/scripts/error_handler.jl:5

Julia debuggee finished. Press ENTER to close this terminal.

Sometimes I can clear the problem if I close VS Code and restart but not always.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.