Question about using the name "flux" in package name


So I’ve made a package for which I think there is a remote chance that someone might find useful, so I would like to register it.

I’m however getting cold feet due to the name I chose back when I just wanted to start coding.

The package does “network surgery” for computation graphs (at least partly) made of Flux layers, and I named it NaiveNASflux.

Looking at the source and documentation for flux I get the impression that the developers are pretty chill people, but it still feels a bit wrong to just attach the name flux to my package without asking.

I guess this is a bit of an open question to anyone who feels they have “mandate” to answer whether it’s ok to borrow the name in this particular case as well as if there are some general “open source etiquette” which applies here.


cc @MikeInnes

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In general, if your goal is to build on or work with a specific package, reusing its name like this is totally fine. We open source maintainers usually publish our code exactly so that people can do that, and it’s nice to see it happen :slight_smile:

Good luck with the package!


@MikeInnes Thanks for sorting me out on this!