Package usage surveys

Hm. Isn’t this the kind of question every package (maintainer) would ask? (spam alert;) Maybe a better place would be announcements? Like ‘we are doing a poll…’. Or do we need a new category for this?

I’ve split this out from the Dagger question into a dedicated meta-discussion to not bifurcate that topic. Speaking personally, I’m just fine with developers asking questions about the usage of their package(s) — especially when they’re targeting a specific #domain.


Thank you. I only was surprised by this being the first of it’s kind during my presence here…

Maybe that is what they call proactiveness in computing: bridging the gap between the virtual and the real world

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OK. But be alert: my (IMHO modest) critique was flagged.

Yes, it was flagged as off-topic, which was what alerted me that it could be split into its own topic. After moving the post to its own topic, I unflagged it since it’s now no longer off-topic.

It’s not at all about it being a critique, modest or not. No need to be alert or fret. Flags are just how you can suggest to a moderator that maybe a post should get split into its own thread.