Question about Timeseries

using CSV,Clustering,Statistics,DataFrames,TimeSeries,MarketData

readtimearray("E:\\测试数据\\汇总15min.csv"; delim=',', meta=nothing, format="")

This is the statement on the official website. Why does the program report an error?thanks!!

What do you mean by “statement on the official website”? If it’s something that’s in the docs/Readme on GitHub and doesn’t work, it’s probably best to raise an issue there (sometimes the docs get out of sync with package updates, and generally package maintainers are happy if users point this out).

Ideally you would recreate this with a reproducible example, that uses some data set that other people can test as well to rule out that there’s an issue with the particular CSV you’re reading in.

Finally, you could just use CSV.jl to read in the file into e.g. a DataFrame and then go from there.

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Although I cannot say what’s exactly wrong, you could:

  • try to pass header=true explicitly
  • try reading using DelimitedFiles.readdlm and see if that works
  • check the corectness of the file (somehow) and that the delimiter is indeed ',';

The excel screenshot does not help at all as it does not show raw data i.e. what is actually read in Julia.