Queryverse has a new homepage

Queryverse now has its own homepage: https://www.queryverse.org/.

The page mainly serves as a central landing place that highlights all the packages that constitute the Queryverse, plus it hosts all the documentation for the packages.

We also added a blog: Blog | Queryverse.

We hope to write a post at least once a week (but no promise)! If you have a cool Queryverse example, please also feel free to contribute a blog post at GitHub - queryverse/queryverse.github.io: Queryverse homepage. I will continue to cross-post new package announcements here on discourse, but we will probably start to add non-announcement posts to the blog as we go forward, and those you’ll only get over at the blog. So, please subscribe :slight_smile:

Any help (especially from folks with design talent) with the homepage would also be most welcome and can be a great way to get started with open source contribution.


Nice!! Awesome work!!

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The clean and detailed documentation and API of the queryverse converted this former R tidyverse user into a very happy queyverse user. I just wanted to thank you for your awesome work here


@Zach_Christensen, that is great to hear! Having said that, I feel there is still a long way ahead of us until we are really as smooth and easy to use as tidyverse…

Your logo is suuuuper sexy! :slight_smile: Congratulations!

Great stuff. Thanks!

The logo was created by https://github.com/dotvhs, and I agree, it is excellent! I was especially grateful for that help because my design skills are non-existent :slight_smile: