Query.jl + ODBC.jl

I’m looking for some simple examples of using Query.jl to connect to a database via ODBC.

Any pointers?

BTW, @davidanthoff, I very much enjoyed your workshop at JuliaCon and getting to talk with you!

ODBC.jl and Query.jl are mostly orthogonal; you can connect to a database, execute a query, and return the results as a DataFrame by just doing ODBC.query(dsn, "select a, b from ...."). You can also execute a query and let Query.jl manage getting the results by doing ODBC.Source(dsn, "select a, b from ...") |> @map(_.a) |> DataFrame. I believe that should work, but I haven’t tried it personally.

Do also note that ODBC.jl hasn’t been updated for 1.0 yet, so you’ll need to try things out on 0.6 for now. I should be able to update it to be 1.0-ready pretty soon, so stay tuned.

Right now, I’m just trying to move some very sceptical folk off of JavaCall.jl + JDBC.jl to ODBC.jl, but still on v0.6.4, so that’s OK for the near future.