Alternatives to access SQL Server from Julia

Hi guys!

I am trying to fetch data from SQL Server using Julia. I tried to use ODBC.jl, but there are many bugs. My data is too long and it seems that ODBC.jl is putting garbage due to buffer size or something.

I cannot use it in its current state. Hence, is there any other way to do this within Julia?

Never mind, I managed to fix the error and submit a PR:


You can always use PyCall and your favorite python package, e.g. pyodbc.

I can confirm this works flawlessly in production.

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Good point! But I think a Julia-only solution will be faster right?

I would be surprised if there were significant speed differences between ODBC.jl and pyodbc through PyCall, but I haven’t tested yet.

I can cofirm the pyodbc alternative
is super stable though, running live since julia 0.3, almost 4 years now, without any hiccup.

do you have GUIDs in your SQL server tables and do you find that ODBC is bringing back the values of those GUIDs in a messy and unhelpful manner?
I’ve been wondering if I’m missing out on doing somethign specific to handle GUID data.

Hi @RobLW

Unfortunately I do not have. I am accessing a very simple database that store some binary data.