Quantum clustering algorithm in Julia


Is there any example of quantum clustering algorithm written in Julia? Ideally something that is automatically determining number of clusters?

This is my first step into quantum computing so I hope the question is not entirely from a different universe. I would like to test it, hopefully use it on a daily basis in one of my programs.


I don’t think you will benefit from it for using it as daily basis tho, whether there is a quantum clustering has an advantage (say exponentially faster) on real-world data is not known yet. Or on the other hand, if there is a quantum clustering algorithm that provides better results is not known yet. at least within my own knowledge. There are a few review papers on ICML etc. such as https://icml.cc/imls/conferences/2007/proceedings/papers/518.pdf if you want to know the details, some are based on Grover search algorithm, which you can find implementation in Yao: QuAlgorithmZoo.jl/examples/Grover at master · QuantumBFS/QuAlgorithmZoo.jl · GitHub

but we don’t have a quantum clustering algorithm implement, but if someone wants to try you are definitely welcome to contribute to the algorithm zoo repo.