Quadratic Program solver

Is there a list of available solvers for QP which can be used in julia?
Googling and finding one by one is taking a lot of time
SCS and OSQP are not accurate enough , COSMO doesn’t work for my problem…

By the way can LP solvers be used for these problems?
Cbc, Clp and GLPK don’t support the quadratic objective function


Use a commercial solver like Gurobi or CPLEX.

Thank you :pray:
I don’t know why I can’t find what I want in JuMP docs!

According to the link QP is not supported by Gurobi, is it actually true ?

Gurobi supports

so it will depend on your problem whether it’s accepted by Gurobi. Also, not a QP solver as such, but Ipopt also has an option for facilitating solving QPs: Ipopt: Ipopt Options (look for property hessian_constant)

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