Qrfact lufact functions not found in LinearAlgebra Pkg

Hello, I’m actually new to Julia and trying many different tutorials along with the documentation in order to get a better understanding of the language until I start using it in a more fluent way. I’ve seen in one of the tutorials of the Julia academy two methods for matrix factorization qrfact and lufact both of which I cannot find in the LinearAlgebra package. I’m using Julia 1.5.2 and started to wonder if these functions have been removed in an update because I had the same issue when trying to take a broadcast transpose of a matrix A.’ . Is that the case, or am I missing something?

Hi! Looks like they have been renamed to qr and lu.

Oh cool ok. I’ve seen these two but thought they are somewhat different due to multiple dispatch. Good to know. Thanks

You should look at lu! and qr!. The ones with a ! overwrite the matrix, just like dgefa from LINPACK. Try this and get a few screenfuls of useful stuff.

julia> ?
help?>  lu!

Yeah, now that I’ve checked those two I can see that they follow the ! convention, and you can extract Q, R, L, U, P from both mutating and non-mutating versions with a dot operator. Thanks