QInsControl.jl A GUI for Controling Instuments and Data Acquisiton

warning: unregistered package
I’m excited to announce the package QInsControl.jl, which provides a GUI for controling instruments and performing data acquisition via NI VISA wrapped by Instruments.jl and sockets.
I feel bored with repetitive recording work and cumbersome to reuse and wirte scripts during measurement experiments of low temperature quantum transport in my lab. QInsControl.jl is my solution.
With this package, you can conveniently add support for new instruments, control instruments, write measurement scripts, perform real-time ploting with simple data processing and record status of instruments, script, circuit and plots in an experiment.
Although unregistered, it is stable for the most part. Welcome to try it out and provide any feedback!


I have migrated the extensible part of QInsControl.jl to QInsControlAssets. Now everyone can directly contribute instrument drivers, language packs, and styles here. By using Pkg.build() in the REPL, you can update this specific part without having to update the entire QInsControl.jl package. This provides assurance for future stable releases.