PythonPlot taking a lot of time to precompile

I’m trying to animate a simulation. I’m most familiar with matplotlib in python, so I’m trying to use the PythonPlot backend for Plots.jl, however the following code is taking a lot of time (>10 mins) to run.

using Plots

This gives me the following message:

[ Info: Precompiling PythonPlot [274fc56d-3b97-40fa-a1cd-1b4a50311bf9]

And it stays like that for a while. I have added PythonPlot using Pkg.add, along with Plots. ¿Can anybody help?¿Is this a known issue?

How long does it take? Does it still reach to completion?

Also, what version of Julia are you using?

Actually, I also have the same problem only on my Windows machine. On my Mac’s, I could precompile the PythonPlot package without any problem. I use Julia v1.8.5, PythonPlot v1.0.2, Plots v1.38.7.
Any help would be appreciated!

Same problem here on Win11 Julia 1.8.5. During precompilation VS Code displays Indexing PythonPlot...(0%) for a seemingly unlimited time, at step:

Precompiling project...
  Progress [=======>             ]  4/6

I had to revert to PyPlot

After remvoing PythonPlot.jl, wiping out ~/.julia/environments/v1.8/.CondaPkg and CondaPkg.toml there, and adding PythonPlot.jl again, then it started working for me.

Thanks, I now deleted that folder but the precompilation is still stuck at the same point.