PyPlot warning?

I’m not sure whether this is a problem related to my laptop set-up, or a change in Julia…
Running IJulia, I want to use the pyplot() back-end to Plots – because it has better LaTeX support than gr(). I get the following warning:

Is it the set-up on my laptop that is out of date, or something else? (I have recently done package update.)

Please report this to Plots.jl. I think Plots.PyPlotBackend needs to be updated to reflect recent changes in PyPlot.jl

OK… my “problem” is that the problem does not show up on my desktop; only on my laptop. Maybe I have different versions on the two machines, though.

You’ve probably not updated PyPlot on your desktop recently.

You can fix this till Plots.jl is updated by downgrading and pinning PyCall and PyPlot. The versions that work for me are:
PyCall v1.18.5
PyPlot v2.7.0

For completeness, in the package manager:

add PyCall@v1.18.5 PyPlot@v2.7.0
pin PyCall PyPlot
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I have the same problem and I am waiting for an update to fix this.