PyPlot doesn't work in 0.6


MethodError: no method matching display_figs()


Are you on master?


I just downloaded the latest build


I guess what @ChrisRackauckas asked is whether your PyPlot package is on the master branch. You can check by running

julia> Pkg.status("PyPlot")
 - PyPlot                        2.3.1+             master

If you only see “2.3.1” without “+” and without “master”, you can switch to the master branch using:

julia> Pkg.checkout("PyPlot")

This will pull in latest changes of PyPlot, which may not yet be present in the default branch.


Going to the master branch did not fix the problem.


Perhaps the master branch of IJulia? This might address your problem:


Yes, going to the master branch of IJulia fixed the problem