Clean Install if JuliaPro gives PyPlot Error


I uninstalled standard Julia as well as Anaconda3, which I was running and then installed JuliaPro. PyPlot gives

WARNING: No working GUI backend found for matplotlib

No plots are displayed once a plot command is given.


I experience the same message & no plots with JuliaPro

julia> using PyPlot
WARNING: No working GUI backend found for matplotlib


Sorry, forgot to add: running on Windows.


Update: Installing Anaconda and rebuilding PyCall and PyPlot solves the problem. Not ideal, but workable. For users with complete control of their PCs, this would be a non-issue. In a corporate environment, this is really going to complicate roll-out.


I have installed PyPlot on a managed Windows computer before. PyPlot can be installed without an administrator but on any Windows system it has initially failed for me. Once it’s first installed I had to install Matploltlib in Miniconda and rebuild PyCall and PyPlot. It’s been a while so I can’t remember the exact commands necessary.


No doubt it can be done. It just seems a lot of steps to follow for the all-inclusive version of Julia. With the Anaconda route, at least this is a little simpler. Ideally the route via miniconda would be part of the install script for JuliaPro. Maybe once the v1.0 transition is done and the dust has settled, someone will look at this. Meanwhile there are workarounds.