PyCall: install a wheel package

I need to install a private python package during my (private) package build process. I have it in a form of a wheel file and due to licensing I cannot upload it to public internet but need to keep it in local directory (…private git repo) such as …MyPkg/deps/private/privatepkg.whl. What is the right way to install the private dependency using build.jl to the JuliaPro installation in a way PyCall can import and call it?
Thank you for any suggestion.

After some try-and-fail, I’ve come up with a solution.
All private .whl files stored in MyPkg/deps/download


info("Instalation of MyPkgto julia-python")
using PyCall
@pyimport pip
d = pwd()
cd(joinpath(Pkg.dir("MyPkg"), "deps", "downloads"))
info("....installing my_private_pkg")
pip.main(["install", "-f .", "my_private_pkg"])
info("Finished instalation of MyPkg")