Project PyCX in Julia

Just a suggestion by a Complexity Science student and a Julia fan (not knowing enough): to build a Julia version of Project PyCX in Julia.
Hiroki Sayama, Introduction to the Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems uses PyCX and is one of the most interesting introductory books to Complex Systems.
I think that the people from DynamicalSystems.jl already did most of the work.

I don’t see any official website for the project nor a documentation page… Seems to me this is just a bunch of scripts put together?

By looking at the figures I can dare to say that DynamicalSystems.jl has much more features implemented. The only thing we don’t have is cellular automata. But there is a reason for that: besides just evolving then, I don’t really know what else one can do with them. They don’t really fit the goal of DynamicalSystems.jl.

What else do you like from Project PyCX that you can’t find in Julia? There is also robust network support with e.g. LightGraphs.


Maybe cellular automata have at least some pedagogical interest? But there is also another missing subject: agent-based modelling.

But let me rephrase my suggestion: what I think it should have some interest is not PyCX alone (I also don’t see an official website for the project) but the Python code that comes with the book. I was hoping for something similar to what Think Julia is for Think Python.

Speaking about Think Julia, why not a Julia version of Think Complexity from the same author?

Well, I know that it is easy to suggest even if the suggestion itself can be easily dismissed :slight_smile: