Automerge/decision — New package: ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: include not defined


I am creating my first Julia package. I am registering it using

The automerge/decision — New package, Failed with the error below. include is part of the Julia language. Thus, I do not understand the reason for this error. Do you have any comments, please?

Thanks for your time

2020-07-26T16:03:27.4974582Z VegaLite
2020-07-26T16:03:27.9252965Z ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: include not defined
2020-07-26T16:03:28.5092161Z Stacktrace:
2020-07-26T16:03:28.5093738Z [1] top-level scope at /tmp/jl_dglOg0/packages/InvariantCausalPrediction/dnTFi/src/InvariantCausalPrediction.jl:39
2020-07-26T16:03:28.6607536Z [2] include(::Module, ::String) at ./Base.jl:377
2020-07-26T16:03:28.6608348Z [3] top-level scope at none:2
2020-07-26T16:03:28.6637636Z [4] eval at ./boot.jl:331 [inlined]
2020-07-26T16:03:28.6638488Z [5] eval(::Expr) at ./client.jl:449
2020-07-26T16:03:28.6639540Z [6] top-level scope at ./none:3
2020-07-26T16:03:28.6640050Z in expression starting at /tmp/jl_dglOg0/packages/InvariantCausalPrediction/dnTFi/src/InvariantCausalPrediction.jl:39
2020-07-26T16:03:29.9026532Z ERROR: Failed to precompile InvariantCausalPrediction [5fe40f08-422b-4ec7-90aa-ba60e31ac74e] to /tmp/jl_dglOg0/compiled/v1.4/InvariantCausalPrediction/3Q6yc_c0C9F.ji.
2020-07-26T16:03:30.0841146Z Stacktrace:

It looks like your tests errored.