Programming Language Checklist

I will start the ball rolling. Any more to check?

The name of your language makes it impossible to find on Google


You require the compiler to be present at runtime

I don’t see why that is bad though. Julia also provides the compiler at runtime, so it is available.

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significant whitespace

(For example: [1 -1] ≠ [1 - 1].)

Not as bad as Python, though.

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Garbage collection is free
“Spooky action at a distance” makes programming more fun (type piracy)
Matrix-math benchmarks where you just call BLAS
No language spec
“The implementation is the spec”


I don’t understand why not having an (independent, formal) specification is considered unusual for a new language.

It is pretty much impossible to create a nontrivial and novel language with a finalized spec. Either it is going to be super-simple like Scheme, a \epsilon improvement on an existing language, or take 15–20 years until someone bothers to do an official spec (eg C or Common Lisp).

When done too early, all specifications do is tie down the best minds working on the language for years, essentially stalling all development.


On the other hand, Julia disproving these is impressive:
Interpreted languages will never be as fast as C
Compiled languages will never be “extensible”


That Google works so hard to show everyone what they want to see might put everyone in a bubble and lead to the collapse of civilization, but on the other hand I actually don’t have much trouble finding results about Julia the language.