Products of sparse by dense matrices don't revert to specialized methods

Apparently in 1.7.2 the product of a sparse (SparseMatrixCSC) and a dense matrix (both directions) never use the specialized method. Looking at this old discussion it seems that at least the sparse by dense product should be handled by SparseArrays.

julia> using BenchmarkTools, SparseArrays, LinearAlgebra

julia> A = sprand(100,100,0.01)
julia> B = rand(100,100)
julia> C = A*B

julia> println(typeof(A))
SparseMatrixCSC{Float64, Int64}

julia> println(typeof(B))

julia> println(typeof(C))

julia> @which mul!(C, A, B)
mul!(C, A, B) in LinearAlgebra at /Applications/

julia> @which mul!(C, B, A)
mul!(C, A, B) in LinearAlgebra at /Applications/

On 1.9, I’m seeing *(X::AdjOrTransDenseMatrix, A::SparseMatrixCSCUnion{TvA}) and *(A::SparseMatrixCSCUnion{TA}, B::AdjOrTransDenseMatrix)