ProcessExitedException while using Pardiso.jl

I’m trying to learn Pardiso.jl to use it to do matrix factorization. The following code creates random Hermitian matrices and then do the numerical factorization on them. For some matrices, this works fine and sometimes I just get the Distributed.ProcessExitedException error at the last step. Any idea why this happens?
This is my code:

using LinearAlgebra,Serialization,Arpack,Pardiso,LinearMaps,SparseArrays
ps = MKLPardisoSolver();
set_matrixtype!(ps, -4);
fix_iparm!(ps, :N);
A_pardiso = get_matrix(ps, A, :N);
b = rand(ComplexF64, size(A, 1));
set_phase!(ps, Pardiso.ANALYSIS);
pardiso(ps, A_pardiso, b);
set_phase!(ps, Pardiso.NUM_FACT);
pardiso(ps, A_pardiso, b)