Problems with the Sentinel.jl package of Julia

Following the example given in the README of the github repository of this package (, the saveList() function creates the /.img_cache folder but then it prints a “false” value, but it stays as if it was in an eternal loop.

enter image description here

Do you know why could this be happening?

This is the code I am running. The json credentials are for accesing to the Sentinel-2 database of google cloud.


`using Sentinel
using GoogleCloud

creds = JSONCredentials("sentinel_2.json")
session = GoogleSession(creds, ["devstorage.full_control"])
set_session!(storage, session)

l2aList = safeList() # Outputs a DataFrame Array``

I have tried creating the /.img_cache for myself, not letting the program to do it by itself, but it gives the same problem.

Just in case it is useful information, I have a SSD aditional to a HDD in my computer, with conda installed in the SSD.

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