Problems with publishing Package



I have a working package on github: strickek/DataFmtExt. I treyed to publish, but did some mistake, so empty example files of the generate function were taged and published. I copyed the right files in the local Pkg directory and tryed again: submit worked but no change because same as master. Tryed tag and get an error

julia> PkgDev.tag("DataFmtExt")
ERROR: DataFmtExt is dirty - commit or stash changes to tag

Im working on windows. What should I do to publish the github master version.


(overall you need to learn git - whether on the command line or with a GUI)

I think the error message is rather clear, you’re trying to tag and the local branch you are working on has uncommited changes.

You need to track down what actually is the status and difference (on commandline this means git status and git diff), decide what to do with the changes (might need commit, might need stash, might need discard), bring the local branch in sync with the githup remote (might need pull/push) and then you can tag.


@lobingera: Thank you for your input.

To other first stepers:

At the end I used attobot which is a cool julia tool to tag and publish from github.

After my first try it informed me, that the repository name has to end with “.jl”: That was the problem …