Problems with Gettext and Formatting on Master

I reported an issue with testing ImageView which apparently has been fixed but for me it persists. After a complete reinstall of master Version 1.4.0-DEV.564 (2019-12-08) I tried again but still the same problems. Drilling down I find that testing ImageView complains about Gettext and Gettext complains about Formatting. Speicifically adding Formatting and then testing it succeeds but then adding Gettext and testing it fails with Package Formatting not found in current path. From reading I find that Formatting might be old, so maybe I need to clean out a registry somewhere. In .config I deleted the Compiled and Environment sections for v1.4. What might my next step be? Until a few days ago master was working correctly with the above packages.

You might try Julia 1.3? E.g.,

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Yes, 1.3 works. Thanks for useful reference, I will follow it.