Issues with Graphs.jl and GraphPlot

I am not sure what is causing the following error message and I have been stuck for hours now :frowning: please help.

For some reason, gplot is not working.
My code:

import Cairo,Fontconfig 
using Random, Graphs, GraphPlot, DelimitedFiles, DataFrames, MetaGraphs

data = readdlm("PrPm/Pacific Gas and Electric Power Distribution Network Adjacency matrix.csv",  ',', Int,  header= false ); 
df = DataFrame(data, :auto);
Adj_pwr_ntwrk = Matrix(df); #Adjacency matrix of the power Network
Pwr_ntwk= Graph(Adj_pwr_ntwrk)

The error message:
ERROR: LoadError: MethodError: no method matching spring_layout(::SimpleGraph{Int64})

The frustrating thing si, I have been able to plot graphs all day until this error message randomly started showing

Unfortunately your code sample is not reproducible on my computer since I don’t have the underlying file. However, it seems like the method spring_layout does exist for SimpleGraph{Int}:

julia> using Graphs, GraphPlot

julia> hasmethod(spring_layout, Tuple{SimpleGraph{Int}})

Have you tried restarting your REPL? It sometimes happens to me that a type is “imported twice” and some packages try to use the older version.
If that doesn’t work, can you update your packages and try again?