Problems installing GLVisualize on Windows


I hope it’s OK to repost UndefVarError: Mat not defined issue here.

Should I try another version of Julia to solve it? Is Windows more problematic for visualization with Julia than Linux?


Sorry about that, I still haven’t tagged a version that works on 0.6!
Please try Julia 0.5 for now!



Thank you, Simon. I installed Julia 0.5.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 and GLVisualize passes the tests. I still have issues on Windows 7, though. I installed JuliaPro 0.5.2 and I’m getting this error on Pkg.add("GLVisualize):

LoadError: could not spawn `'C:\Users\julia\AppData\Local\Julia-0.5.2\bin\7z.exe' x 'C:\JuliaPro-\pkgs-\v0
.5\GLFW\deps\downloads\' -y '-oC:\JuliaPro-\pkgs-\v0.5\GLFW\deps'`: no such file o
r directory (ENOENT)
while loading C:\JuliaPro-\pkgs-\v0.5\GLFW\deps\build.jl, in expression starting on line 52

I don’t know why the build process is looking into C:\Users\julia\AppData\Local\Julia-0.5.2\bin directory, which doesn’t exist.


Maybe the Julia Pro install doesn’t ship with 7zip?
Or something went wrong with the download of the binary dependency!


Delete C:\JuliaPro-\pkgs-\lib\v0.5\BinDeps.ji and try again


Thanks. Removing this file and rebuilding GLFW allows for GLVisualize test to run and complete almost successfully, except ffmpeg, which I don’t need.

BTW, I’m getting this message while running GLVisualize test:

WARNING: Plots.jl is not installed, excluding a lot of interesting examples from the tests
    and a nice summary.
Please consider doing: `Pkg.add("Plots"); Pkg.checkout("Plots", "dev")`

I did Pkg.add("Plots"); Pkg.checkout("Plots", "dev") and I checked it with Pkg.status("Plots"), but it still insists that Plots.jl is not installed.


Yes, that’s a “bug” - it doesn’t mean anything!
It should actually work with the currently tagged Plots.jl version!


Speaking of tagging. What is the way to find out what versions of Julia are supported by a package?

The reason I was trying GLVisualize with Julia 0.6 is that Julia packages page shows the same untestable status for both 0.5 and 0.6 versions.


If you go to a package’s repository, you’ll see badges at the top. For this package:

there’s just one for tests: “Build status”, which leads to:

This shows it’s only testing on v0.5.

Notice that GLVisualize is an outlier here. Most packages will test on Travis and AppVeyor. Let’s pick a random package:

At the top you see the “Build Status” with badges for Travis and AppVeyor. If you click on them, you’ll get:

Looks like Travis had a random failure on Mac, but it’s working on Linux v0.6 so as of now it’s testing on v0.6+. Meanwhile, the AppVeyor tests (Windows) haven’t ran for 5 months and are stuck at v0.5, so this needs a PR (I might do it if I remember today).

So why does GLVisualize do something non-standard? My guess is because it needs a buildbot which has GPUs to test with. And that’s probably why it’s disabled for PkgEval. I can confirm this by looking at the page for the buildbot:

host: Linux x64 running Debian stable, 2x E5-2637 with 64GB RAM, NVIDIA TITAN.

so this is only CI tested on Linux, but it is tested with an NVIDIA Titan.


Thanks a lot. Visualization packages present some testing difficulties, as you noticed. OpenGL drivers and other GPU related infrastructure is required.