GLVisualize and Julia 0.6?

I am new to Julia, just installed the latest version (b53d6f2) on Ubuntu 16.04. I am using 0.6 instead of a stable release because CUDAnative seems to require it.

Trying to Pkg.test(“GLVisualize”), I get lots of deprecation warnings and eventually the errors “LoadError: invalid subtyping in definition of AbstractMesh” followed by Failed to precompile AbstractMesh, GeometryTypes, GLAbstraction, GLWindow

Is it normal and I should just wait for 0.6 support, or there is something I can do?

Thanks a lot!

It is very normal for a Julia package to have many deprecation warnings before release. However, these are some of the easiest things to fix! Follow the deprecation warnings and submit some PRs to fix them. It’s a very good starter exercise which will help the libraries support v0.6.

I see that the issue was just opened:

Sorry, I don’t come to discourse that frequently. Glad you found the issue! Generally, I’m more responsive on Github!