Problem with Violin and Boxplots

I am fairly new to Julia, so I have been working through the Plots tutorial at I run into a number of problems in the first example under " Using Series Recipes". Specifically, I enter the code provided:

y = rand(100,4) # Four series of 100 points each
violin([“Series 1” “Series 2” “Series 3” “Series 4”],y,leg=false)

but receive an error stating “ERROR: BoundsError: attempt to access 1-element Array{Float64,1} at index [2]”.

I get the same error with the boxplot command.

I am using Julia 1.03 in a Atom/Juno environment and have the latest versions of the necessary packages, i.e., Plots, StatPlots, etc. I have also tried to find a workaround using DataFrames, but also run into problems there. Finally, I have been looking for clear documentation on violin and boxplot, with only limited success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Dale

Please provide full list of commands used by you.

Here is everything I entered starting from a new session of Julia:

using Plots, StatPlots
y = rand(100,4)
violin([“Series 1” “Series 2” “Series 3” “Series 4”],y,leg=false)

I’m also experiencing the same error.