Problem with pyplot

When I use pyplot

there are erros:

PyError ($(Expr(:escape, :(ccall(#= C:\Users\Lenovo.julia\packages\PyCall\3fwVL\src\pyfncall.jl:43 =# @pysym(:PyObject_Call), PyPtr, (PyPtr, PyPtr, PyPtr), o, pyargsptr, kw))))) <class ‘AttributeError’>

Maybe, there are something wrong with my install of PyPlot.

What can I do?
thanks a lot.

Probably make an MWE? Currently I can’t tell what packages you’re using and where the function and its arguments are defined.

thank you @nilshg
what I described was not clear. and I have corrected the question.

Mybe my installaiton of PyPlot was not well, the computer is win10 system.