Problem with DataInspector

DataInspector no longer works for me after the recent Makie update:



ERROR: type Array has no field extents
 [1] getproperty
   @ .\Base.jl:42 [inlined]
 [2] Bbox_from_glyphcollection(text::String, gc::Vector{Point{2, Float32}})
   @ Makie C:\Users\xxxx\.julia\packages\Makie\xVGV7\src\interaction\inspector.jl:191
 [3] (::Makie.var"#883#886"{Observable{Any}})(gc::Vector{Point{2, Float32}}, pos::Point{2, Float32}, pad::Vec{4, Float32})
   @ Makie C:\Users\xxxx\.julia\packages\Makie\xVGV7\src\interaction\inspector.jl:294
 [4] #map#19
   @ C:\Users\xxxx\.julia\packages\Observables\ynr7h\src\Observables.jl:444 [inlined]
 [5] map(::Makie.var"#883#886"{Observable{Any}}, ::Observable{Vector{Point{2, Float32}}}, ::Observable{Any}, ::Observable{Any})        
   @ Observables C:\Users\xxxx\.julia\packages\Observables\ynr7h\src\Observables.jl:444
 [6] plot!(plot::Combined{Makie._inspector, Tuple{Int64}})
   @ Makie C:\Users\xxxx\.julia\packages\Makie\xVGV7\src\interaction\inspector.jl:293

I’m using Julia Version 1.7.3, GLMakie v0.6.6 on Windows 10.

Ah that is because of the new argument order for text, should be easy enough to fix hopefully.

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It looks like this has been fixed in GLMakie 0.6.8 (thanks!!) but I now have a problem with the textsize keyword. Eg

using GLMakie

the keyword has no effect and the text is tiny on my screen.

Oh, I accidentally replaced a semicolon with a comma. As a workaround you can use inspector = DataInspect(); inspector.plot.textsize[] = 100 until that’s fixed.

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Great, that works! Thanks for all your hard work, Makie works very well for my purposes and is getting better all the time.