Problem with @async and remotecall_fetch()

I have the following code, my purpose is assigning the tasks to the different workers, and print the progress.

# bug.jl

# a simple calculation task
function cal_one_task(size)
    a = rand(size)

# manage tasks on different workers and print progress
function auto_manger(task)
    # total number of the tasks
    num_of_task = length(task)
    # Get the number of remote processes
    numof_workers = length(workers())
    result = []
    workersFuture = [Future(1) for i in 1:numof_workers]
    # record the position of the completed task ID in the workers() list
    c = Channel{Int64}(numof_workers)

    progress = 0.0

    # Start numof_workers number of processes at the same time
    for i in 1:numof_workers
        @async begin; put!(workersFuture[i], remotecall_fetch(cal_one_task, workers()[i], task[i])); put!(c, i); end

    # i is the index where the next data is stored in the result
    # (i-1) is the number of recorded data
    # and (i-1 + numof_workers) is the number of processes that have been started
    # when the number of started processes is less than num_of_task, the result of the process that has completed the task is continuously recorded, and the calculation task is started after the process of completing the task
    # after starting num_of_task number of processes, wait for the remaining running process (the last one) and return the result
    i = 1
    test_num = 0
    while  true
        # index of the process that completed the task
        j = take!(c)
        # get the result
        push!(result, fetch(workersFuture[j]))
        workersFuture[j] = Future(1)
        println("up $i #")

        if i < num_of_task
            @async begin; put!(workersFuture[j], remotecall_fetch(cal_one_task, workers()[j], task[i + numof_workers])); put!(c, j); end;
            # test_num = test_num + 1
            # println("test_num $test_num")
            ## print progress
            if (i - 1)/num_of_task > 0.001 + progress
                progress = i/num_of_task
                print(round(progress*100, digits = 1))
            ## print progress
        i = i + 1

    print("  all done @")

Then just run the following commands in REPL, we can start compute

using Distributed
using Dates
@everywhere include("./bug.jl")
my_tasks = [10^8 for i in 1:10];

The incredible thing is that the above program is always stuck on the last task, always in the waiting state for j = take! (c)
What is even more bizarre is that when I remove the # below, that is, after @async, print the variable test_num

            # test_num = test_num + 1
            # println("test_num $test_num")

Then the program will end normally!

I posted the same topic in the chinese julia furum. It seems that I found the solution.