Problem using SBML package

Hi everyone!
I am trying to use SBML package. I read a xml model by readSBML. According to the docs, getS and getUBs should give the stoichiometric matrix and upper boundary of the reactions, respectively. However when I run them I face the error :
“VarError: getUBs/getS not defined”
It is weird to me :thinking:…can anyone help? :cry:

Can you share a full example? This is probably best opened as an issue on the package.

can you please point me to where you read the docs with getS and getUBs functions? We have renamed these a long ago to stoichiometric_matrix, flux_objective and flux_bounds; these are now used e.g. as such:

Using the proper function names should fix it. In case there’s old documentation hanging out somewhere, please send us a link (or open an issue) so that we can update it.

Thanks Mirek for your attention

I have read docs from this link

Are the functions you mentioned from SBML.jl or cobrexa.jl?

That’s a very old version of SBML.jl, latest one is v1.3.0. I guess the new question is: how did you get to the docs of v0.2 of SBML.jl? Is there any page pointing to that version specifically?

oh…Actually I was really careless about the version…It was a great lesson for me! :smiling_face_with_tear:

No, I googled for the docs and it was like the third result!