Problem using Differential Equations

Hi! 'm trying to get started with Julia for scientific computing. I’m facing a problem in importing the Differential Equations package.
The following WARNING pops up~~~~

Hello and welcome. Which operating system are you using? Do you know the version of Julia you are using?

Hi! Currently I’m on windows. mad using Julia 1.5.3. Thanks for your help.



Hmmm. An expert will be along soon.
I would be inclined to remove some things and start again.
Maybe try

using Pkg

What do you see?

I am using 1.5.3 on Windows. I might have this wrong, but DifferentialEquations has no dependency on ModellingToolkit. I withdraw to await an expert.

Probably not the expert you’re looking for, but I’ve had similar problems. I think this may occur when two Julia instances try to pre-compile the same package, though I’m not certain.
I think in my case the problem went away after re-installing my packages You could probably try starting with

] remove DifferentialEquations
add DifferentialEquations

If that does’nt work I’d try to re-install all packages in your environment.


Well, I did that and there was no error message this time! But this time it just took around 15 minutes to even import the DifferentialEquation module, is there a way around this pre-compiling thing?

Precompiling is a once-per-using operation of the loaded package (and its dependencies). It’s done to make use of the code from that package faster, as well as subsequent loads of that package if the version has already been compiled. It’s part of the effort to make julia code faster by compiling what’s needed once instead of every time the code in question is loaded.

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@pafloxy Good to hear you got the package installed. What work are you doing with Julia?

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I’m planning to use it for my nonlinear dynamics project, which
basically would require integrating trajectories over high dimensional
vector fields. The reason to choose Julia is of course the
computational speed-up, over Python or Mathematica.

Any help is welcome!