Problem of first plot? can be better?

Is there an improvement in the first plot problem in Julia’s road map?

I ported a text search program, with its web interface (with Genie) and it works very well, a missile like speed once the first compilation started … but I wait 29 seconds (!) Before having the web interface ready to use … it is really a lot, having an excellent pc windows 10, i5 with 16G ram and SSD.

But are improvements expected in this regard? I’d like to adopt Julia for certain scripting jobs, where speed is needed, but the first launch is really problematic.

And if I tried Julia in Raspberry, which I often use, what compilation times I should expect, I wonder …

Try searching this forum for “first plot.”


For your use case, you might want to take a look at


Are you on the latest/recent Genie version? There have been considerable improvements in both performance and (pre)compilation in the last few releases.


Mmm …
Pardon me, but if i have yet installed Genie Package, and i want to update it, i have to redo Pkg.add(“Genie”) again, or i must use another command?

I believe you can utilize Pkg.update("Genie") for just that package, or Pkg.update() to update everything.

I am disinstalling everything … i will reinstall Julia …

I am using a desktop with i9 9900k and 128gb ram and ssd, but the plotting with Plots is still much slower than ggplot2. I thought upgrading hardware could solve this problem…

I privately sent you a link to download my little Genie app. If I don’t disturb you too much you could take a look at it and understand why I have so long launch times … maybe I’m wrong something (for sure).

Maybe you understand immediately what I did wrong …

Many many thanks!

If your benchmark is “speed of Plots loading time vs ggplot2 loading time”, hardware upgrade is not a solution.

Thanks for the help.

I am still a little broken on the package compiler, but I will postpone a little, to devote myself to learning the basics of Julia a little better instead.

Now my web app works well, and it’s faster. Adrian, the creator of Genie, helped me. Genie, i think, is a great tool, which works very well in the test i have made today, it’s just me who has to undeerstand it better).

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