Printing a Julia file

I feel like an idiot asking this, but here goes.

I have JuliaPro installed (on Windows 10) and I would like to send some code to my printer so that I have a list of the structures I’ve created to hand. I click on File at the top left hand corner, looking for the ‘Print’ option, which is there on literally every piece of text-containing code I’ve ever used, ever, and it’s not there. How the hell do you print out code??



Not sure that this answer to your question but you may have a look at Is there a way to "print" to pdf, html, or similar a copy of the code with syntax highlighting?

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Well, that has allowed me to print out my code, and very nicely too, which I’m not often going to want to do, so thanks very much. But it does make me think ‘JuliaPro doesn’t have a Print button…wtf!’. Seems insane to me. I’ll leave the question open for now.

It maybe usefull to include such functionality in the IDE/editor. I think that vscode have an extension for this but I did not test it. When the transition from atom to vscode will be completed, I guess that JuliaPro will include it…