IDEs should have an export function

IDEs like Atom should have a drop-down export function. There is nothing more frustrating than working for hours on a document and spending more hours fighting with a function like Weave to make a pdf, html, or latex.

This is kinda to the side of the actual code, and it really is a disadvantage, for a language meant for number crunching.

Export of what?

A printable document like a pdf.

 weave("ECON214Assignment3.jl", out_path = "C:/Users/brett/OneDrive/Documents/", doctype = "md2pdf")

like so I don’t have to get this to work, to print something.

The VS Code extension for Julia has a command Julia Weave: Save to file... and then you can pick a file type you want to export to and it will weave the content of the currently active jmd file into that format. I think that is what you are looking for, right?

Questions like this should go into the Tooling category.


Neat, how do I add VS?

IDEs like atom are community built and would welcome your contribution of such a feature.

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Install VS Code, then install the Julia extension from its marketplace.