Preventing Loss of Image Quality When Using `imresize`?

Hi folks,

I am trying to shrink an image using Images and Interpolations. Whenever I shrink the image, the image is very blurry or the quality is just not so great. Here is what I am doing:

using Images
using Interpolations

imresize(load(plotsdir("feasibility", "$(plots[idx])")), ratio = .5, method = Linear())

What can I do to make these images less blurry? I am honestly just considering making the images themselves smaller on image creation as I am beginning to get frustrated here. Thanks! :smile:

~ tcp :deciduous_tree:

It’s possible there are alternate methods for doing the sampling.

using Interpolations

imresize(img, sz; method=Lanczos(2))

might be an avenue to explore… (Not necessarily this exact code - I’m just making guesses…)

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