Predator-Prey Plot error: no method matching mapslices

Hi all,

I have this code, Here are what I have done:

  1. I change the linspace to range but then error occurs and I do not know how to solve this:
  2. I change the backend from pyplot() to gr()

MethodError: no method matching mapslices(::typeof(dquiv), ::Matrix{Float64}, ::Int64)
Closest candidates are:
** mapslices(::Any, ::AbstractArray; dims) at ~/julia-1.7.3/share/julia/base/abstractarray.jl:2766**

Here is the code:

using Plots

prey, predator, growth, comp, conversion, predation, mortality
function ṅ(x, y, r, q, α, β, δ)
   ẋ = r*x - q*x^2 - β*y*x
   ẏ = α*β*y*x - δ*y
   return (ẋ, ẏ)

function sim(x, y, r, q, α, β, δ; t::Int64=1000, scal=0.01)
   steps = 0:scal:t
   X = zeros(Float64, size(steps))
   X[1] = x
   Y = zeros(Float64, size(steps))
   Y[1] = x
   for i in eachindex(steps[2:end])
      N = ṅ(X[i], Y[i], r, q, α, β, δ)
      X[i+1] = X[i]+N[1]*scal
      Y[i+1] = Y[i]+N[2]*scal
   return hcat(collect(steps), X, Y)

r, q, α, β, δ = 0.4, 0.02, 0.12, 0.1, 0.02
S = sim(1.0, 1.0, r, q, α, β, δ)

xi = range(0, maximum(S[:,2]), 30)
yi = range(0, maximum(S[:,3]), 30)
vxi = repeat(xi, inner=length(yi))
vyi = repeat(yi, outer=length(xi))
N = hcat(vxi, vyi)
function dquiv(X)
   return collect(ṅ(X[1], X[2], r, q, α, β, δ)).*0.35
D = mapslices(dquiv, N, 2)
qu = hcat(N, D)
vdn = reshape(abs.(qu[:,3]).+abs.(qu[:,4]), (length(xi), length(yi)))

heatmap(xi, yi, vdn, c=:YlGnBu, xlim=[minimum(xi), maximum(xi)], ylim=[minimum(yi), maximum(yi)], lab="")
quiver!(qu[:,1], qu[:,2], quiver=(qu[:,3], qu[:,4]), c=:grey)
plot!(S[:,2], S[:,3], linewidth=2, c=:black, lab="")
xaxis!("Prey population")
yaxis!("Predator population")
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dims is a keyword argument, not a positional argument (as can be seen by the preceding ; in the function signature), you want:

julia> D = mapslices(dquiv, N, dims = 2)
900×2 Matrix{Float64}:
  0.0         0.0
  0.0        -0.00116876
  0.0        -0.00233752

See the docs here:

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