Error from example '33D Mixed-Agent Ecosystem with Pathfinding'

I have copied an example form the ‘Julia Library’ line by line and I am constantly receiving this error when running the last visualization step. Please tell me how to fix it.

ERROR: MethodError: no method matching abmvideo(::String, ::StandardABM{ContinuousSpace{3, false, Float64, typeof(Agents.no_vel_update)}, Animal, typeof(Agents.Schedulers.fastest), NamedTuple{(:landfinder, :airfinder, :Δe_grass, :Δe_rabbit, :rabbit_repr, :fox_repr, :hawk_repr, :rabbit_vision, :fox_vision, :hawk_vision, :rabbit_speed, :fox_speed, :hawk_speed, :heightmap, :grass, :regrowth_chance, :water_level, :grass_level, :dt), Tuple{AStar{3, false, true, Float64, DirectDistance{3}}, AStar{3, false, true, Float64, MaxDistance{3}}, Int64, Int64, Float64, Float64, Float64, Int64, Int64, Int64, Float64, Float64, Float64, Matrix{Int64}, BitMatrix, Float64, Int64, Int64, Float64}}, MersenneTwister}, ::typeof(animal_step!), ::typeof(model_step!); figure::NamedTuple{(:resolution,), Tuple{Tuple{Int64, Int64}}}, frames::Int64, framerate::Int64, ac::typeof(animalcolor), as::Float64, static_preplot!::typeof(static_preplot!), title::String)
[1] top-level scope
@ c:\Users\nadee\OneDrive\tamuq-chen-secarelab-evac\3D example.jl:331