Precompiling submodules

Hi all,
I’m having a hard time with __precompile__(). I have a large project which consists of multiple submodules. To speed up the compilation process, I want to precompile some of the submodules, that would in theory support precompilation, and leave out the ones that do not. The overall project would not be precompilable.

module MyPackage
    module A
    #module B
    using .A #, .B

This will, however, miserably fail, if __precompile__(false) appears even once at any place.
Is there a way to use partial precompilation at a submodule level, or is precompilation itself it restricted to packages? The docs are somewhat unclear about that, and do not distinguish between packages, modules and submodules.
I want to avoid splitting the main Package into a dozen smaller packages, only to add somewhat decent support for precompilation.

Thanks for your help,

I don’t think this is possible. But what exactly is making your submodules impossible to precompile? For the most part, this can be fixed by moving any run-time initialization into the __init__() function.

I should be able to fix many to all precompilation issues using __init__(), however, this would involve additional complexity. Since I a) am lazy and b) wanted to keep the code simple I hoped for a small speedup by precompiling selected submodules.
This would make a nice feature, if it should ever be added.

You say it’s a large project, in that case, wouldn’t it be better from a software engineering point of view (for unit testing, etc) to move the submodules out into their own files as normal modules?
Then precompilation would just work.

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